The Promise Journal

01 Oct

Though I saw her mention it on Facebook before I hadn’t given it much thought until this week. My pastor’s wife keeps a notebook full of promises she finds in the Bible; this was a practice her mom had that she began doing, too. 

Having struggled with getting back on track with studying the Bible and even worse, struggling with feeling God and believing His promises, I needed to find a way to make the Word come alive to me again.

So I took up this practice of writing down the promises of God. So far I’ve been doing this for only two days but, six pages later, I already feel like I’m reconnecting with God. Maybe more in the past three days than I have for several weeks.

I believe she writes them down as she reads; I’m more of a topical person (though I do believe everyone should read the entire Bible!). So what I do is make lists of ten verses for each topic–as you might have seen on some other blog posts of mine. I also underline key words so when I glance through it I don’t just see a bunch of writing but the verses will pop out to me based on key words.

I want to encourage my readers to try this for a week. Write down a few verses everyday for a week and see how you feel at the end. I strongly think you’ll keep doing it even longer than that!

The journal pictured below on the left is my pastor’s wife’s…the one on the right is mine. 


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