The Prayer on the Pass

02 Oct

It was a cold day in early February when I traveled across the state of Washington from Spokane to the Seattle area. It was a Sunday afternoon fading into the evening as I approached the pass between Ellensberg and Seattle. The sun had gone down and I found myself, in a hurry to get to my destination, driving as quickly as possible through the winding roads toward Snoqualmie.

I knew from friends who had made the same trip the week prior that there were large herds of elk in the area and that made me a bit uneasy as I drove through the dark mountains, especially when the fog set in so thick I couldn’t see beyond two road dashes in front of my car.

As I got closer to my destination the roads because curvier and curvier and I came to a point where I almost went off the embankment from not being able to see the road in front of me.

“Oh God help me!” I shouted out loud.

“God I need your help,” I prayed, “I really need to be in Your house tonight and if I slow down I’m going to miss the service. It’s so foggy and dark out here I can’t see anything. Please God help me to see the road. Please don’t let anything be in front of my car that would cause me to wreck. I trust You, God. I know Your hand is on me and You’re not going to let me hit anything.”

After I prayed I calmed down, set my eyes steadily on the road, and continued driving. About ten minutes later, mind racing on a major life change going on at the time, I started to pray again.

“God, how much is this like You! Leave it to You to make me realize this! God this is my life now. I don’t understand it all. I don’t see what’s going on, what You’re doing. I can’t see in front of me, Lord. But God, just as I trust You that You aren’t going to let anything get in front of my car that’s going to cause a wreck, I trust You that though I can’t see the road in front of my life that You’re not going to let anything happen to me to let my life wreck. Help me to trust You with my life like I do with this road tonight.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The prayer of trust is a hard one to remember during life’s difficulties but sometimes we have to bring ourselves back to a time where we had a solid faith–where we knew God would protect us–and then do whatever it takes to bring ourselves back to that place of trust.

Has life thrown you a curveball? Are things so unclear you feel like you’re walking in the dark? Remember that old Sunday School song, “Take a step of faith, take a step of faith. When you can’t see your hand in front of your face take a step of faith. With no stars to guide your way, He’ll be beside you saying ‘Take a step of faith, take a step of faith’.”

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