31 Days of Prayer for Your Apostolic Pastor’s Wife

23 Jul

This is our second post in the 31 Days of Prayer series. These lists are designed to be printed out and kept in a prayer notebook or Bible so that as you spend time in prayer you are provided with ideas for things to pray about. Today’s list is for the Apostolic pastor’s wife and runs concurrent with the list 31 Days of Prayers for Your Apostolic Pastor. Each day the prompts are the same or similar. Pastors’ wives are unique in that they not only serve their own families and work in their own callings, but they also have duties attached to their husbands’ ministries. For this reason it is important to keep them in our prayers so that they have the strength needed to thrive each day.

For an easier-to-read, printable version of this list, please click here: 31 Days of Prayer for Your Pastor’s Wife

For the printable version of 31 Days of Prayer for Your Pastor, please click here: 31 Days of Prayer for Your Pastor

In addition to the following daily prompts, please remember to pray for her immediate needs as well.


Day One: Her Marriage

-Pray that God will strengthen her marriage and bless it

Day Two: Her Husband

-Pray that God will bless him and meet his needs as he fulfills his calling

Day Three: Her Kids

-Pray that God will give them strength and a walk with Him of their own

Day Four: Her Relationship with Her Kids

-Pray that her calling will not negatively impact her relationship with her children

Day Five: Friendship

-Pray that God will bless her with genuine friendships

Day Six: Strong Mentors

-Pray for faithful, godly mentors and other ministers’ wives with which to fellowship

Day Seven:  Protection from Loneliness

-Pray that God will protect her from loneliness


Day Eight: Spiritual Strength

-Pray that God will bless her in all areas of her spiritual life

Day Nine: Double Portion of the Holy Ghost

-Pray for God to give her a continual outpouring of the Holy Ghost and personal revival

Day Ten: Anointing

-Pray that God puts and keeps a strong anointing on her life

Day Eleven: Wisdom

-Pray that God gives her wisdom in all areas of her life

Day Twelve: Doctrinally Strong

-Pray that God helps her stay doctrinally strong personally and when she teaches others

Day Thirteen: Resistance to Temptation

-Pray that God will help her be strong in all areas of temptation

Day Fourteen: Resistance to Backsliding

-Pray that God gives her strength to resist any attack that comes against her faith


Day Fifteen:  Emotional Strength

-Pray that God will meet her emotional needs

Day Sixteen: Protection from Burnout

-Pray that God will help her not burn out from the stress of her and her husband’s ministry

Day Seventeen: Protection from Depression

-Pray that God will bless her with joy and protect her from depression

Day Eighteen: Protection from Discouragement

-Pray that God will help her to not be discouraged in her (and her husband’s) ministry

Day Nineteen: To Feel God’s Presence

-Pray that she feels God’s presence and is comforted by Him

Day Twenty: Peace

-Pray that she feels an overwhelming sense of peace in her life

Day Twenty-One: Rest

-Pray that she is able to get rest, both physically and mentally. Pray for continued renewal.


Day Twenty-Two:  Support from the Church

-Pray for support from the saints in all areas: service, spiritually, financially, etc.

Day Twenty-Three: Love and Respect from the Church

-Pray she feels loved and respected by the members of the church

Day Twenty-Four: Priorities

-Pray that her walk with God and her family will always come before her ministry

Day Twenty-Five: Vision

-Pray that God will give her a clear vision for her life and her ministry

Day Twenty-Six: Passion

-Pray that God will give her a continued passion for her calling

Day Twenty-Seven: God’s Will

-Pray that God will make His will clear for her life

Day Twenty-Eight: Physical Strength

-Pray God gives her the physical strength needed to care for her family and ministry

Day Twenty-Nine: Health

-Pray God blesses her health and that she would be free from negative health conditions

Day Thirty: Protection

-Pray God protects her from all evil and natural hurts/disasters/problems

Day Thirty-One: Financial Blessings

-Pray God abundantly blesses her family financially

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